Our machine: Mechanical technology from Taiwan,automation easy to operate,saving electricity.CE  Certificate of Machine.

100TON-2000TON, Our rubber machine passed the ISO 9001:2008 and CE, quality authentication. 

Machine characteristics

Components have been internationalized and standardized.

◆  Machine has high durability of dynamics design.

◆  High abrasion plane of special heating treatment.

◆  High standard temperature distribute achieve ±3℃.

◆  Exhaust precision achieved 100%.

◆  The stable and no noise oil-loop design are operated.

◆  The page design of windows type is easy to learn and use.


Main Business

●  All kinds of hydraulic molding automatic machines equipment manufacture.

●  Precise Hydraulic Molding Machines for laboratory.

●   Molding Machine for metal parts, chemistry parts, electronic industry, automobile parts, medical parts, sport equipment parts, timber industry transportation industry, rubber sheet and cushion against collision at the ports.

●  Available Machine Grades: From 5~2000 Tons.


Suitable products

• Conductive rubber, motorcycles&automobiles rubber parts, home appliances parts, industry rubber parts, oil seal, oil-ring, sport equipment ,medical equipment, rubber sole, affair machine, electronic rubber parts, trademark rubber , tire, diamond tools, military rubber parts, toys, all kinds of vessel and so on.

Micro-computer control machine introduction

●    The temperature control system of the micro-computer processing center combing with industrial PLC interface, and digital indicating.

●     The system is equipped according to MITSUBISHI international standard used input touch screen, and window page design, easy to operate, learn and use.

●     Function of computer automatic test completely, easy to maintenance.

●     Output point protection with professional design and adding power supplier to make PLC working at DC5V, ensuring control system’s long life-span.

●      Data indicate temperature control utilizing FOX or Om brand well-known made in Japan, calculating temperature precisely, and pre-heating function for a week.

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