Vacuum rail-way hot-pressing machine

Item No:: 100T-1000T

Product Description


Characteristic introduction: 
Vacuum capability: 
Taking the mean of average drawing out, with high vacuum degree, making products stable, and improving and production capability. 
Mold opening design: 
It is easy to operate Rail Mold Opening design, the mold opened 90degrees. 
New-type Rail Mold Opening: 
It is easy to finish with no changing the mold, taking down the Rail Mold Opening, it enhances work efficiency and security. 
Mold opening design: 
Special Mold Opening mechanism design, high durability and longer life-span, in and out mold is silent, speed, smooth. 
Oil-loop design: 
Utilizing double dynamics, various kinds of oil-loop design, stable, silent, and low break-down, two shaft can operate in the same time. 
Mold cheak-out: 
The machine has selected of slow and fast cheak-out mold function. It is much work accurate and more secure to cheak-out mold. 
Suitable products: 
O-ring, conductive rubber, ordinary rubber parts.