Horizontal hoisting rubber injection machine

Item No:: 100T-1000T

Product Description

This is rubber injection molding machine description:

Transfer Injection board has special pedestal and out-pedestal function, nozzle isnot jam, easy to clean up material, stable quality and longer life-span. 
1. It is convenient and accurate that the up and down position is all adjusted with potentiometer. 
Characteristic introduction: 
1. Dynamics design: 
Machine was adopted special dynamics design, nice plane precision, beautiful finished products appearance and excellent quality. 
2. In-material system: 
In-material design of special two section type, can make raw material to obtain the best exhausting effect and no jamming. 
3. Injection control: 
Utilizing high precise potentiometer design made in Germany, it can control and calculate accurately injection. 
1. Transfer injection board design: 
Transfer injection board has special pedestal and out-pedestal function, injector isnot jam, easy to clean material and stable quality. 
Security design: 
There is security advanced technology infrared of safe device electric eyes, can avoiding danger because of artificial of neglect. 
2. Full of monitor: 
There are automatic alarm system, clearing the machine condition, many of safe guard and ensure the operation safe of people. 
3. Oil-loop design: 

Full of proportion oil-loop system, low noise, adjust pressure magnitude of function, precision and stabilization.