High pressure machine

Item No:: 100-1000T

Product Description



Main Parameters:

*Compact structure,convenient operation,transportion and installation.

*Full -automatic sound-light alarm function,which is equipped with safety electronic eye.

*Working lights equipped for middle plate damper function of the mold.

*Rapid and slow speed calibration mode,which ensures that the mold is precise and safe.

*Upper and lower mold pre-heat function:low power and fast heating,IR is of mold design,which is benefit for fast heating and convenient maintenance.

*Japanese SHINKO mold temperture is used to automatically trace abnormal temperature,current magnitude,and temperature accuracy.

*Three -stage compression and four-stage protection function,monitoring of cylinder pressures.

*All digital pressure/flpw oil-control loop,accurate,stable,rapid and energy-saving.

*30sets of pre-set machine parameters may be stored and expanded at will.

Configuration Specification:

*Mitsubishi PLC: stable performance,safe and reliable overload current guarantee system;tinget HD touch screen control.

*Upper and lower templates:50#steel are ground on both sides,clamping precision is <=0.035MM,Never deform after hardning and tempering

*Main oil system used the accessories of the best Japanese brand (YUKEN)highly reliable.

*Japanese NHK slider:HRC=62 highlight and abrasion resistance,good verticality.

*Increased structure: Automatically plate lifting and clamping function.

*By combining the latest automatic material loading and blanking structures,now this equipent can save operators.

Product Application:

*Different film plastics.

*Cutting different mobile phones,or remote controls,digital cameras,laptop LCD protection film.

*Opening and closing different PET,PV,PC PMMA,ABS+PC etc films,raising washing machine,air conditioner,and film panel.

*Different automobile,locomotive and industry interior decoration and outer parts forming etc

*Voltage synthesis of flexible circuit of different laptops

*Housing indoor building material industry etc.